The Bridge

First, it must be made clear how much time was spent on The Bridge (before sleeping). In game it was probably around a minute. Real time around 8 hours. How this happened I can’t fully remember but it did. So this is the story of The Bridge.

After several adventures, the most recent being fighting through a goblin den of overgrown thorns, the group find themselves standing at a hole in the side of a cliff.

60ft away a fortress sits atop an island. Connecting the two is an unsteady looking rope bridge, swaying 100ft above the churning sea. As Kessair looks across to the fortress he sees goblin heads poke up above the gate and a few arrows fly over and are quickly lost to the wind.

(Now this is the bit I can’t remember and also the bit that took the most time. Somehow we spent the best part of 5 hours or so doing anything BUT going on the bridge. Hopefully someone else will fill it in!)

All possibilities exhausted we finally decided to send forth the tank. Kessair draws himself up to his full height of (I think) 6’6 and steps foot on The Bridge…nothing happens. So he happily walks across, shield raised. As he gets to about half way one of the ropes supporting the bridge falls away and the whole thing swings. Kessair drops like a brick, hits the water with a god-awful splash and is knocked out. Looking down all we can see is bubbles rising from the fast sinking half-orc, who is being dragged down at an alarming rate (plate mail is not great for swimming).

Sensing that a friend is in danger Evan leaps onto the rope, sprints across it (more arrows disappear in the wind) and cuts the end of the rope. As it drops he grabs the end, swings down some way then back-flips off into a perfect swan dive. He manages to grab hold of the paladin and somehow drags him to the surface.

Tessera clambers down the rope now trailing from the cliff and, hanging on for dear life, summons a dolphin under Evan and Kessair.

Meanwhile in the cave above and old enemy has reared its head. The goblin druid and it’s purple puma companion appear from the thorns and proceed to attack Lini and Cuddles.

Lini, busy watching the action outside, fails to notice the druid until it’s spear comes jabbing forward. Somehow she dodges at the last moment and takes only a scratch. In a flash she spins round and buries a dagger deep into the goblins guts. It screams, staggers back and begins mumbling and chanting. Lini takes no chances and lunges forward, swiping at the goblins stomach. Her blade again catches and this time guts spill forward. The goblin drops to it’s knees, begging for mercy, but Lini has no mercy for goblins and slices it’s head clean off. With a triumphant shout she throws the goblin head out of the cave.

Cuddles’ battle didn’t go so well. The puma and the velociraptor exchange blow for blow with Cuddles slowly gaining the advantage. Feeling weak from it’s wounds the puma charges at Cuddles, crashing into him, clamping down with it’s strong jaws and dragging both out of the cave and into the sea…

The scene we’re now left with is a halfling, sword in mouth, riding a dolphin, while dragging and half-orc paladin in full plate mail. In the background an elf is dangling precariously from a cliff while a dinosaur and puma tumble into the sea and flying above it all the detached head of a goblin druid.

What a night we all had!

Speaking of night, Evan and Kessair spent the night sleeping on a nearby beach to allow Kessairs wounds to heal.
Tessera, drained of power and striken with grief, also needed to rest but didn’t have the luxury of being on a secluded beach. So Lini kept guard. All night. Covered in goblin blood. To pass the time she removed the goblin druids ribs as a souvenir.

The Bridge

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