After meeting at the Church of Pharasma in Magnimar and getting beaten near to death in the catacombs our rag-tag party head to the small town of Sandpoint.

They’re there for barely a week before having to defend the town from a goblin attack. At first it seems like a random raid but after a few clues come to light it seems that things have only just begun!

It’s up to Kessair (half-orc paladin of Pharasma), Tessera (elven druid), Cuddles (Tessera’s companion), Evan (halfing rogue) and Lini (gnome bard) to uncover the secretes of the goblins and bring an end to their plans!

PS: We also meet Kaspar (human fighter/Hellknight in training)

Rise of the Bedford Runelords

Rotrl Oogy2003