Lini Elxi

Gnome bard/rogue, born and bred in Riddleport. No one knows how or why she ended up in the Church of Pharasma but then again few people remember much of Linis past.


Standing 3’2 Lini has a slight figure similar to most gnomes. Her hair is short, spiky and ice blue with eyes to match.

She wears dark leather armor with goblin bones inter woven to form a corset underneath a cloak that is half pockets and half random patches.
Upon her back is a huge and finely crafted backpack that again looks to be mostly pockets.

When in battle Lini now wields a variety of knives and daggers that are drawn from all manner of places. However she used to prefer keeping her distance, utilising whips and bows.
If not actively trying to kill something in battle Lini will play her ocarina to aid her allies.


Born somewhere near Riddleport, Lini quickly gravitated towards the big city. Like most gnomes she never really knew her parents and was raised, at first, by the local gnomes and her brother. She became good friends with a human blacksmith and spent most of her young life living with him until he died at the age of 63. After spending a few days trying to work the forge and playing around with the blacksmiths tools, Lini decided to leave the house and find her own way.

In the years that followed Lini made a name for herself all over Riddleport (although that name wasn’t Lini, in fact no-one in Riddleport knows her by that name). At first just doing odd jobs for people but later working for one of the major gangs.

Lini’s work took her from bar to restaurant and other places besides. She would sit around and play songs or juggle while listening to the conversations around her or just chat to folk and gather information.

Lini Elxi

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